Let’s Share!

“Sharing” is a key word for all those who are part of hèlix3c, and this is how we want our website to be. We tend to quote the title of a book by B. Libert and John Spector, “We are smarter than Me”, which perfectly sums up our thinking: sharing expertise means moving in the sphere of complex thinking. The only way out of our social and economic crisis.

We believe that in a globalized and technified world -highly connected and extremely fast moving- only by sharing our ideas and efforts will we be able to move forward. Moving forward in a capital way: moving forward to the qualitative benefit of everybody.

What are we proposing? We want this place to be an agora full of knowledge, thinking and emotions to help us grow, think and act. We can share everything: photos, videos, ideas, readings, projects, …

We want to create knowledge and reflection that result in new projects and activities; another step towards a new, exciting and active society.

One example we have already made a reality in hèlix3c is Mindware, a magazine devoted to reflection and thinking, with articles by different authors who want to share their vision and views on different topics. All of them write out of free will and without compensation so the magazine can be distributed for free. Can you ask for more?


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hèlix3c es una “constructoría” especializada en servicios que generan el pensar no convencionalmente y la acción transformadora tanto para personas como para empresas y organizaciones. Porque es posible construir nuevas relaciones en el ámbito personal y profesional si hacemos uso del aprendizaje.