About hèlix3c

About hèlix3c

hèlix3c is born in 2003 when Pere Monrás, after 17 years of practicing as a physician, and 17 years more as the director of the Corporació Sanitària i Universitària Parc Taulí of Sabadell, decided to move all his acquired knowledge in the field of Organizational Development, Knowledge Economy and Coaching – personal and organizational – to the organizational world.

We define hélix3c as a “constructary”, a constructive consulting firm. hèlix3c provokes unconventional thinking to carry out transformative actions.

You might ask, what does this mean?

In a nutshell….We think that current attitudes and ways of doing at the workplace and in society are now obsolete. We help generate ways of thinking to change: oneself, the workplace, the environment.

From thinking we then pass to action. We help generate proposals, projects and actions to carry out in the personal life, the workplace and in organizations.

Find more information on these topics and on our philosophy in the categories Thinking and Doing 
What we do and how we do it


Aimed at people who have personal, professional or business projects and want to acquire the necessary skills and attitudes to face the challenges of a new economic model. The strategic goal of hèlix3c is to deconstruct the system of conventional learning in order to create new thinking that helps people to achieve all their goals.

Our flagship is the seminar “Growing in Leadership” which just concluded its 7th consecutive edition in 2011 and focuses on activating talent and transforming economic and social environments by promoting the model of the triple C. To achieve this, the seminar is held on four blocks of two days each over a period of one year combining participatory workshops, a platform for on-line discussion, individual mentoring and coaching, support in individual action plans and the facilitation of tools and contacts to realize them.


The growth model sustained over the last decades, oriented on the object and not the subject, has caused a deep economic and social crisis. For hèlix3c people are the center of the new economy. Therefore it is necessary to firstly know their goals in order to afterward undertake activities that endow meaning.

Active plans represent a model of sustainable and equitable wealth creation focusing on regional development as a key factor in ensuring quality life standards for its population. They are based on the activation of talent and cooperation between people, plus the activation of leisure and recreation resources in order to generate real value.

hèlix3c successfully implemented these plans in the regions of La Ràpita | Matarranya i Mollerussa. Similar activities are being promoted at the Asociació de Companyies de Dansa de Catalunya (Catalan Association of Dance Companies), at the UPC Terrassa (Polytechnic University of Terrassa) , at the Master Program for Directors of AGBAR, at the Management of Health Institutions, and at the School of Nursing in Belviche.


Our key idea is that knowledge creates knowledge. hèlix3c uses coaching techniques and methodologies, as well as transformational leadership to enable talent and to create a network of knowledge all of which contributes to effective learning.

Who for?

People:  Enabling them to identify their strengths and to intensely experience the roots and the passion from which they start their project.

Companies:  Allowing them to rethink their relation structure of already existing areas, to mobilize people and resources and to change forms of organizing. From organization to organizing oneself.

Regions: Helping the stakeholders create new activities by taking advantage of already existing resources, generating sustainable productivity and wealth, inspired by the cooperative model of the triple helix.

Adding value through knowledge and learning can be applied to any kind of business sector or entrepreneurship, from construction to tourism.


“Who does not learn is not working, and who does not act is not transforming”. This is the basic premise the ideas of hèlix3c are build on. In a world where – thanks to the Internet – knowledge is globalized, it seems obvious that its economic models have to be adapted to new realities.

The Knowledge Economy proposes a paradigm shift; it considers that true growth cannot be based solely on tangible capital — machinery, infrastructure, labor, raw material, etc.

Rather the opposite applies; it is intangible capital like knowledge and talent which, applied to the production of goods and service concepts, marks the difference in productivity and value creation.

In hèlix3c we are convinced that the most important raw materials of this new concept Knowledge Economy are Creativity, Connectivity and Sharing, the triple C (Creatividad, Conectividad y Compartir). This is true not only in the business or organizational world, but also in our personal life. Knowing ourselves is what allows us to discover our limits in order to overcome them and transform the world.

Small changes cause big transformations. Changes that start with the adoption of a new way of thinking, different from the conventional way. It is no longer valid to solve problems using experiences or assumptions that are based on similar situations in the past. We have to employ new methodologies in order to activate our talent and find solutions in a creative manner, indeed.

The goal of hèlix3c is to facilitate the transmutation of people, companies and organizations into active and transformative cultural agents; learning how to learn, activating talent, connecting knowledge in accordance with the new socio-cultural realities.

What I can expect from hèlix3c

  • The maximum involvement of a team of people who enjoy what they are doing, converting learning into a permanent laboratory of creating collaborative strategies based on people and their talent that will help you transform your environment through creativity, connectivity and sharing.
  • Help in finding your true DNA (your uniqueness and who you are) or the DNA of your organization, the starting point from which you can establish a strategic proposal of high value to generate an economic and social benefit.
  • Support in your personal or organizational transformation process, from the first ideas to the achievement of laid-out objectives. We offer our support  throughout the whole process or only certain sections.


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hèlix3c es una “constructoría” especializada en servicios que generan el pensar no convencionalmente y la acción transformadora tanto para personas como para empresas y organizaciones. Porque es posible construir nuevas relaciones en el ámbito personal y profesional si hacemos uso del aprendizaje.