The three challenges of hèlix3c

In hèlix3c we belive there are three areas to be fundamental to achieve social change. We see our challenge in doing in order to transform these areas:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
We want to achieve well-being from two perspectives:
  • Individual: physically and mentally healthy people that are continuously learning and have energy to undertake, to do.
  • Collective: transformation of society, creation of an impact on the economy by impulsing new health and education industries, as well as value-added-services for entrepreneurs
Do you accept the challenge? Do you want to contribute?
If you believe you can contribute knowledge, vision, enthusiasm, expertise…on any of these fields – if you want to share –  please contact us by email or phone (0034) 934 982 221
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hèlix3c es una “constructoría” especializada en servicios que generan el pensar no convencionalmente y la acción transformadora tanto para personas como para empresas y organizaciones. Porque es posible construir nuevas relaciones en el ámbito personal y profesional si hacemos uso del aprendizaje.