Doing – Introduction

Today it is obvious to many people that our economic, political and social model has reached a dead end. We wonder:

  • Does the creation of wealth without the creation of value lead to a more prosperous society?
  • Is individualism really a strong and competitive economic base?
  • Did we take advantage of the prosperous years to create a productive and equitable model focused on people?
NO! And these are precisely the factors that have led us into a profound economic and social crisis.
What we are proposing?
Transformative action. This is the synthesis of all our actions. Two words, each by itself already speaks volumes, and together they add up to so much more.
  • Action. The expression of “doing” from the “being”. Without taking action we will never know how far we can get, we will never know the results. Only by doing can there be transformation.
  • Transformation. By doing what we did we got where we are. If we want to change, we need to transform, transform everything within our reach.
We strongly believe that now is the time for change, moving from doing just to do to doing to transform. Transform us (as people), our immediate environment (group) and our broader environment (system).
How we do it
The key idea behind every transformative project we implement is the question what for? The Why (cause) is not important anymore, what matters is the What for (purpose).
We can help to transform People (Guiding Plans), Organizations(Organizational Activation Plans) and Regions (Regional Activation Plans)
The transformative actions we propose are based on:
  • People.
  • The willingness of people or the group.
  • Activating the talent we all have.
  • Achieving levels of relationship between people that lead to change.
  • The 3 “C” Creativity | Connectivity | Sharing. (Creatividad, Conectividad, Compartir)
Would you like to learn more? Let’s share ways of doing things differently!



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