Organizations – Accomplishments

We would like to introduce you to some of the projects and participations of hèlix3c in organizations:

  • University Autónoma of Barcelona
    For 14 editions, hèlix3c has participated in the program Master in Administration of Healthcare Centers, within the framework of lectures of Business Administration Healthcare Management. The last class had the title: “Organizational Development”.hèlix3c also participated in several lectures in the master program Master in Integral Attention of the Critically Ill and Emergencies.
  • University of Barcelona. Nursing School
    hélix3c conducted the sessions of Official Master in Nursing Administration and Management.
  • IL3. Institute for Lifelong Learning
    hèlix3c participated in the program Master in Nursing Management. This master runs every other year and often integrates a one day seminar held by hèlix3c.
    2013 hèlix3c participated in the Summit SIA of companies with the objective to question the obvious and to rethink professional relationships. Around 100 people participated; staff, delegates and suppliers. (See+)
  • Zona Franca Logistic Park
    This Logistic Park organizes yearly seminars with their clients to face new challenges. In 2013 hèlix3c was invited to hold the seminar “All balance is unstable”, to help the participants to situate themselves and face the challenges of come.(See +)
  • d&b audiotechnik
    hélix3c collaborated in a conference that invited the participants to ponder on and influence transformative change and systemic thinking to, thus, create a wider network between the businesspeople of this association. (See +)
  • University of Barcelona
    hélix3c held several seminars in the framework of the master program Master in Nursing Management and Administration. (See +)
  • Laboratorios Kin
    Workshop 2013 of its Medical Division, which is to be a unit and organization based on talent. To get there, hélix3c conducted 9 inductive exercises throughout a whole day with the goal to deepen four basic concepts: opening the mind, breaking patterns, self-leadership and teamwork. (See +)
  • National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC)
    The Museum took the decision to get certified in Corporate Social Responsibility. To achieve this they hired the company ADVANTE who consulted with hèlix3c in topics related to organizational development. (See +)
  • estarbé
    Every day new centers offering alternative therapies are opening up. The question for estarbé was to find its uniqueness and sustainability. hèlix3c accompanied them in the process of finding a new model, their uniqueness and to stand out due to their capacity of organizational technology.  (See +)
  • Catalan Association of Dance Companies
    In the midst of the economic crisis, the cultural sector suffers drastic cuts in their grants. Dance companies are aware that they must learn to do things differently in order to survive. (See +)
  • EIM and CEES
    Two organizations in a situation of organizational deadlock. hèlix3c moderated a debate series to introduce the term management 3.0. (Veure’n +)
  • AGBAR Group
    In today’s world the saying, “that’s how it has always be done”, doesn’t work anymore, not even for large corporations. We have to use unconventional thinking as a tool to meet the new challenges of a global economy. (See +)
  • Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO, Catalan Institute of Oncology)
    The Health System, one of the sectors most affected by the current crisis. Health centers are required to maximize managerial efficiency to do the same with less recourses. (See +)
  • El Corte Inglés. Seminar “Living with change”
    A seminar dedicated to learning how to adapt to and move in an environment of constant change, accepting that in today’s world you get no break: everything changes ever more quickly – this is normality by now. Discover the possibilities of living with constant change.
  • Nursing Collective. Lecture within the framework of the 8th Nursing Congress in Catalonia
    Lecture under the slogan “What and who makes a professional leader?”  The struggle against the invisibility of nurses and their great commitment to people and the profession. Different topics related to transformational leadership were addressed: The uniqueness of people, trust as the foundation of teamwork, conditions of change, collective mind, collaborative thinking, …
  • UPC Terrassa (Polytechnical University of Terrassa). Workshop on ad-hoc experiences designed for the service sector in administration
    Development of tailor made workshops integrated in the module Organizational Development. They cover three areas of interest to the University: attitudinal work, quality of relationships and mediation of conflicts.
  • University of Tarragona: Technical Conferences – Meeting Point: Knowledge Economy
    Conferences with university students in order to assess the opportunities of the Knowledge Economy in their future careers. The objective was to create impact on the willingness of the participants through conferences based on experiences which helped to bring out the opportunities within oneself.
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