Our thinking

In hèlix3c we believe that the binomial – doing and thinking- is indivisible and has to occur simultaneously, not sequentially. Therefore we encourage everybody to do and think at the same time.

Traditionally it is believed that thinking has to occur in a given environment, alone. We, on the other hand, believe that human beings have the ability to think anytime and anywhere. So we encourage everyone to THINK and SHARE THEIR THOUGHTS.

We want this section of our website to become an agora where everyone can express their thoughts and reflections, where questions arise, where interesting readings are cited, where conversations with others are commented… You can share photographs, videos, music, quotes, writings … We are looking for critical spirit but also ideas, proposals, solutions, new ways, …

And, above all, we encourage you to ASK: Classics like Socrates as well as contemporaries like Jorge Wagensberg highlight the importance of asking questions and wondering – the  ultimate answer is a question.

Going even further, we propose to change the question we ask. Usually the big question is: WHY? We propose to ask: WHAT FOR? By having a clear purpose, we know what we have to do and how to organize ourselves to do so.
To find an answer to the question WHAT FOR we can focus on various dimensions but we would like to name three which we call PGS:
  • The WHAT FOR as a Person.
  • The WHAT FOR as a Group.
  • The WHAT FOR as a System.
Everything we do has always a personal part, a footprint we leave as a group while the system is transformed by everything we do as a person and as a group.
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hèlix3c es una “constructoría” especializada en servicios que generan el pensar no convencionalmente y la acción transformadora tanto para personas como para empresas y organizaciones. Porque es posible construir nuevas relaciones en el ámbito personal y profesional si hacemos uso del aprendizaje.