Seminars – Thinking Together

In hèlix3c we like to share the thinking generated by us and the people around us. And we like to do so in an environment that encourages discussion and the exchange of different opinions.

Therefore, since 2005 we are holding seminars for people who want to activate their talent and transform their environment through creativity, connectivity and sharing.
These seminars are held on 4 weekends (Friday and Saturday) spread over approximately one year. Moreover, we design specific seminars for companies and organizations.

What is the purpose of these seminars?

Training in a new way of thinking that is based on the Knowledge Economy “minimal effort using the best talent”
Exploring how to build talent-based organizations on the talent of people.
Learning how to work integrating the autonomy and the interdependence of individuals. Learning to ask and wonder. Learning to read symptoms.
Feeling energized to identify and implement those transformations necessary in one’s environment.
We provide our participants with references and examples on how to think and act for them to develop their ideas and projects.
During the seminar the main dynamics and proposals of the Knowledge Economy are outlined and the project of each participant is developed. The participants receive useful tools to implement in their individual or group project. At the same time the seminars are a permanent laboratory of ideas.
We also offer complementary services such as:
  • Mentoring throughout the seminar.
  • A private and secure on-line platform where participants can connect and share their experiences, opinions and knowledge.
  • Individual Coaching.
  • Consultancy on organizational development.
  • Incorporation to the open communityTo be a Dolphin” – fostering unconventional thinking.
Who for?
People, organizations, groups or institutions that have a need to transform their current situation, and a mind set on growth and on identifying new areas of satisfaction.
These workshop-seminars are especially designed for all those who:
  • Want to potentialize their talent and the talent of the people around them.
  • Want to act differently to get different results.
  • Seek what they really like doing and are capable of doing.
  • Want to find out the “what for” of what they are doing?
  • Realize that they have reached a crossroad and have to choose a direction.
Over the past six years, already more than 150 people have participated in the seminar – workshop “Growing in Self-Leadership”. The inputs we have received from participants have been very positive and this encourages us to continue. Below we highlight some of the comments.
  • Extremely dynamic. They make you think and act.
  • Very useful both, professionally and privately.
  • They helped me deal with certain situations from another perspective.
  • You learn to distinguish between what really is relevant and what is not.
  • Very comfortable, four sessions of one and a half days each over several months.
  • A tutorial. With people who have a genuine interest in people and help you to work on personal doubts. 

Read testimonials from participants

Learn more about the facilitators Itamar Rogovski and Pere Monràs

Would you like to know more about the seminar-workshops Growing in Self-Leadership?


Another format we use in hèlix3c to activate thinking is giving lectures in companies, organizations and institutions. We participated at:

Computer Technicians Assotiation

Asociación de Técnicos de Informática

The Catalan Nursing Congress

  • 9th edition of the Nursing Congress

World Biomimetics Foundation Presentation

estarbé, School of Health

Civic Center Creu Alta

  • “There is lots to do”, association Espai Dones. December 2013.

International University of Catalonia

Alguaire Airport

International University Menéndez Pelayo

Healthcare Park Pere Virgili

IDEP Barcelona

Moritz Barcelona

  • 1st Ble & Play. Novembre 2012.
  • Plug Session. UOC. June 2012.

The Catalan Association of Journalists

  • What is the Knowledge Economy?

The Catalan Association of Nurses

Cotxeres Palau Robert
  • Cooperar para competir: el reto de la empresa catalana – See more at:

    Cooperating to compete: the challenge of Catalan businesses


  • “Activating talent,” What? Whose? How? Why?
  • “Sense of being part of a whole: a necessary condition for economic and social progress”
Talent School – Fundació Universitat Politécnica
  • ?“Towards talented organizations”

Talk at the Care Unit of the Pathology of the Knee (Hospital Clínico de Barcelona)

  • “Learning to Work as a Team: Connectivity”

Conference at 22 @

  • “Create, Share, Connect. A strategy to value creation”
Cycle of dialogues Moebius de Aenor and 22 @
  • “The (No) limits of ITC”
  • “Ecosystems of Innovation”
  • “Thinking in Energy Efficiency. Is this enough?”
  • “Innovation at the Service of a New Construction Model”
  • “Funding Criteria Focused on People”
Conference at Idea Pika Pika (Grup idea)
  • “Knowledge Economy”
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Tertúlia ConnectanTalent amb Jordi Pigem
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