The team behind hèlix3c

The team behind hèlix3c is composed of many different people and is organized like an amoeba. This means that the project teams are formed specifically to meet the needs of each project | each client, looking for the talent and skills of those collaborators we believe can contribute most to the project. In addition, depending on the phase of the project, we incorporate more people to reinforce concrete tasks.

The core team:

Pere Monràs (Sabadell 1944), the driving force behind hèlix3c. An apolitical thinker, entrepreneur, and above all, collaborative, who founded hèlix3c in 2003, after 17 years of practicing as an oncologist and another 17 years dedicated to the senior management in the Catalan Health System. Today, in addition to chairing hèlix3c, Pere Monràs is founder of (an on-line network for collaborative learning, initially applied to mathematics), stakeholder of Bionure (a biotechnology company dedicated to research on neurodegenerative diseases) and patron of the World Biomimetic Foundation.

The work of Itamar Rogovsky is of vital importance to hèlix3c. He is a world leader in the Knowledge Economy and leads year after year through the seminar “Growing in Leadership”.

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hèlix3c es una “constructoría” especializada en servicios que generan el pensar no convencionalmente y la acción transformadora tanto para personas como para empresas y organizaciones. Porque es posible construir nuevas relaciones en el ámbito personal y profesional si hacemos uso del aprendizaje.