Regions and the local people deserve more from our system; opportunities, rather than debt; new activities and the attraction of initiatives. 

Now that they are at their weakest, they are required to be productive, efficient and austere because: 
  • They have to ensure standards of established life quality without having solved the bases of their financing.
  • They suffer from a decrease in revenue caused by the lack of economic activity and low government funding.
Can we change this and make regions more prosperous?
Yes! We can change the economic model, and this opportunity starts with regions – without waiting for anyone's help, but instead working with the local people and putting our trust in them.
  • Each region has its uniqueness. It is only a matter of discovering it together with the talent of the people. With the talent of the population and the uniqueness of the place we can create qualitative, equitable and lasting well-being. 
  • All it takes is moving from a model focused on activities and resources to a way of doing which focuses on people and what is intrinsic to their region.
How can we help to transform regions? The meta model, our methodology. 
The meta model is a model of models: the way we think models based on reality. To get to a meta model, previous work in a laboratory is required, followed by a five-phase intervention that we implement to greater or lesser extent depending on the nature of the people and the specific situation of each region. 

Metamodel of Regions

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