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At hèlix3c we conduct workshops and activities throughout the whole year. Some are open to the public and others are adapted to the concrete needs of the organizations contracting our services. Our workshops generally address aspects of the Knowledge Economy and can moreover have a more technical focus, but are always carried out from the vision and mission of the Society and Economy of the Common Good.

Here are some of the workshops and activities we organized throughout the last years:

The gatherings ConnectanTalent 2014.

  • Learning: the key to a new way of thinking. With Xavier Vidal, from the bookstore Nollegiu and Pere Monràs, founding partner of hèlix3c. 27 January 2015.
  • Self leadership to lead: transformational leadership. With Sol Picó and Pere Monràs. 18 November 2014.
  • The limits of language. With Xavier Gay de Liébana and Pere Monràs. 9 September 2014. Transformabcn. Read a summary of the gathering.
  • Paradigm shift towards a new consciousness. With Jordi Pigem and Pere Monràs. 22 July 2014. Civic Center Can Felipa.

Workshops 2014

Workshops 2013

The gatherings ConnectanTalent 2012.

Workshops 2012


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Tertúlia ConnectanTalent amb Jordi Pigem
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